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Lighthouse Camberwell

The Lighthouse, located at the heart of Camberwell on Camberwell Road, is one of London's recently renovated venues. Originally opened as The Regal Cinemas in 1940, it underwent several transformations, becoming the ABC Cinemas in 1961 before being acquired and operated by Gala Bingo.


Over the years, the venue has hosted various events and shows, including "Billy the Kid" and "Wicked, Wicked." Recently refurbished by new owners, this Grade II Listed Building now boasts a splendid and elegant yet modern Art Deco style, suitable for a wide range of events and community functions.


The venue has quickly become a notable presence in London's venues sector, offering modern and state-of-the-art facilities to accommodate a diverse range of events, shows, and functions. With its large capacity, the venue is ideal for hosting large celebrations, conferences, or corporate events.


In banquet style, it can accommodate up to 500 guests, while in theatre style, it can manage up to 1250 guests.

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